Medals and Awards


Army Cadet Service Medal

The Army Cadet League of Canada (ACLC) has created an award to recognize continuous meritorious cadet service of at least four years by deserving Army Cadets. The effective date of this award shall be 01 Jan 04 in celebration of the 125th year of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC). 

 The award (ACSM) was authorized for issue and wear by the National Cadet Council (NCC) 05 May 04. 2. Le Conseil national des cadets (CNC) a autorisé la présentation et le port de cette récompense (MSCA, médaille de service des cadets de l’armée), le 5 mai 2004. 3. The authority for the ACSM shall be The Army Cadet League of Canada. The medal will be recommended for issue by the Cadet Corps Commanding Officer and approved by the Chairperson of the Corps Support Committee or the Corps Sponsor where a Support Committee does not exist. 


 The onus shall be on the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Corps to begin the nomination process. Only the Commanding Officer and Corps’ staff have access to a cadets’ file. 

 To qualify for this award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four calendar years (from enrolment date) of honourable service with no serious infractions, and be recommended by the Cadet Corps Commanding Officer. All Army Cadets past or future shall be eligible for this award. 

 Cadets on strength at a cadet corps on or after 01 Jan 04 shall be eligible to receive the medal and subsequent additional service bars from their Provincial/Territorial Branch. Medals shall be provided to Branches by the National Office for a one-time cost of $11.50 per medal which will include the cost of subsequent service bars and maple leaves. 

 Former cadets who were non-effective (N/E) or Struck off Strength (SOS) on or before 31 Dec 03 may apply to their former Cadet Corps for this award, but will be required to offset the cost of the medal as determined by the ACLC Branch from time to time ($15.00 – eff. Aug 2018). 

 Replacement medals may be issued to an individual, at cost (see para. 7), after proof of original issue is produced and an application re-submitted to the National Office. No replacement medal shall be issued without supporting proof of original issue, the onus to produce such proof being upon the applicant. 

 A break in service in the aggregate of one month or less will not disqualify a recipient from receiving the award. An Army Cadet who has previously served with the Air Cadets or the Sea Cadets may count such service to the eligibility period for the ACSM. Eligible service is also portable between army cadet corps. A cadet shall be eligible for only 1 (one) award. At no time may a cadet apply for an additional cadet service medal from the Navy League of Canada or The Air Cadet League of Canada. Cadets shall wear, and follow the regulations of, the first service medal they received. Medals may not be converted from one element to another.  


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 Due to the repeal of CATO 43-02 National Star Certification Exam (NSCE) this award has been revised to recognize cadets who complete Level 4 (Gold Star) training with exceptional results and who demonstrate significant dedication and leadership qualities. 

 Major-General W. A. Howard, CMM, CM, CD, QC, Colonel Commandant Royal Canadian Army Cadets from 1974 to 1979, established an annual award for outstanding army cadets known as "The Major-General W. A. Howard Medal" as a legacy to promote training excellence by senior Army Cadets through a structured assessment of a cadet's overall performance. This award will recognize the cadet in each province and territory who has achieved the highest results in the 4th year Gold training level annually as they prepare to enter into the Year 5 “Master Cadet” level. 

 The medal and ribbon are funded by the Major-General Howard Fund and the Army Cadet League of Canada (ACLC). The awards are administered and the winners selected by joint Selection Committees as defined below. 


To start the selection process, the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (Natl CJCR Sp Gp) will identify three top scoring cadets from the Gold Star program in each province and territory. This may entail more than three cadets in the case of tie scores. The list will be provided to the National Office annually no later than 01 September following the end of the preceding training year ending 30 June. The list will be sorted by the National Office and provided to the Branch Presidents who will make the final selection of the winning cadet and a runner-up 

 In the case where a provincial/territorial Branch does not have a qualifying cadet, that medal may be awarded to a runner-up through a selection process at the ACLC National Office. The intent is to award 13 medals annually. 

7. The following criteria were established by MGen Howard as a basis for selecting the outstanding cadets and his intent should be respected: 

 a. Demonstrated leadership and comportment of the finest kind; 

 b. Judged to have a successful balance of cadet and civilian accomplishments; 

 c. has scored within the top two cadets in the Province or Territory Gold Star (Level 4) training in the preceding training year (September to June); and 

 d. has served a minimum of three (3) years as an Army Cadet. 


 Although the selection of a “Howard Cadet” remains the purview of the ACLC, it is advisable to request participation of staff from the RCSU and to consult with the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Corps to extend the depth of the Boards. 

 The manner in which any ACLC Branch makes its selections is entirely up to that Branch, however it is essential that the intent of MGen Howard, as stated in paragraph 7 above, is respected. 

 The names of the winners ranked in priority shall be forwarded by each Branch to the National Office along with any supporting documents NLT than 30 September annually for approval, announcements and subsequent presentation at the local Cadet Corps no later than 31 October.  

 Photo and press coverage of any local presentation ceremonies should be forwarded by the Branch Public Relations Officer to the ACLC National Office. 

About UsOutstanding Canadian Army Cadet Walsh Memorial Sword


Walsh Award

 In 2004, The Royal Canadian Legion (Legion) established an award for “Outstanding Cadets” selected from each of the three cadet elements, Sea, Army and Air. These cadets would be chosen by the appropriate Leagues and the Legion would host the three cadets (Sea, Army and Air) and a parent/guardian to attend at the National War Memorial in Ottawa each Remembrance Day (Nov. 11) as part of the ViceRegal party. As well the cadets would tour the Nation’s Capital and meet both the Governor General and the Chief of the Defence Staff. The Legion generously committed to pay the costs for the travel and accommodation. 

 Each League will identify one cadet annually that epitomizes excellence in a Sea, Army and Air Cadet. The Leagues were authorized to identify their own selection process for this determination. 

 The award of the “Walsh Memorial Sword” to the Outstanding Army Cadet is funded from an endowment by the estate of LGen Geoffrey Walsh, CBE, DSO, CD a founder of the ACLC. 

 The authority for “Outstanding Army Cadet” shall be The Army Cadet League of Canada (ACLC). 


 The minimum criteria established by the Royal Canadian Legion are: a) Be a recipient of the Legion Medal of Excellence (If not, one would be awarded); b) Be recommended by the appropriate League Branch; c) Be a serving cadet on the date of application and have not aged out or been SOS more than 6 months prior to 11 November of the award year. (For clarity: If the cadet leaves the RCAC less than 6 months prior to Remembrance Day of the award year, he/she may be given permission by the National Cadet & Junior Canadian Ranger Support Group to wear their uniform at the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa on 11 Nov). 

 Each Branch may establish its own internal process within these minimum standards. Selection is based on the performance of cadets during the current training year (September to June).  

 The Branch process should adhere to this Policy and their nomination submitted using this electronic form, which is also located on the ACLC web site Policy Manual page. 

 Only one cadet from each province and territory may be nominated to the National Office. Each Branch President must forward their Branch’s nomination to the National Office no later than June 15th, annually. 

 The Executive Director and a representative from the National Cadet & Junior Canadian Ranger Support Group shall vet all nominations for accuracy prior to submission to the committee. A selection committee comprised of the ACLC Honours & Awards Committee along with the Colonel Commandant (if not already a member) shall make the selection of the “Walsh Cadet” along with a runner-up. The name of the National winner must reach the Legion Dominion Secretary no later than July 30th , annually. 

 A cadet may receive this award only once.  

 The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final. 

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The Gerard Buckley Cadet Fund



 The Gerard Buckley Cadet Fund is a special fund administered by The Army Cadet League of Canada. The fund was created jointly by Gerard Buckley, a former Army Cadet from Newfoundland Labrador and Scotiabank. Army Cadet Corps may apply to receive one of four grants of $3,000 that are awarded annually.  

 The purpose of the fund is to benefit Army Cadets in Canada. As an overriding principal the monies must assist the greatest number of cadets possible in areas of training where The Government of Canada or The Department of National Defense do not provide funding. Any individuals who share these principles are invited to make donations to the fund as they may choose. 

Guidelines for the utilization of The Fund:

 3. The monies are utilized for the direct training activities of cadets in Canada such as: 

  •   Biathlon Program for cadets
  •  Music programs for cadets
  •  Marksmanship and hunter safety training for cadets
  • Adventure training program and expeditions for cadets
  • Optional training activity subjects conducted by cadet groups
  • Citizenship activities for cadets (i.e. Cadets Caring for Canada)
  • Organized cadet groups (i.e. corps, branches, sponsors, courses, etc.) can apply for grants from this fund for specific training requirements. Cadet groups that are disadvantaged in their geographical area for their ability to raise monies and resources for training will receive priority. 

Non authorized use of funds

  •  Centennials, reunions, parties, instructors or league celebrations, where adults and not individual cadets benefit.
  • Administrative expenses of the cadet organization
  • Institutionalization of trophies or awards 


 Every application shall be reviewed by the National Office to ensure compliance with the intent of the award. A list of applications shall be sent to all Provincial and Territorial Branches to verify financial compliance with the Branch. 

Selection Process

 The recipients shall be decided by the Army Cadet League of Canada’s Honours & Awards Committee. The decision of the Honours & Awards Committee shall be final 

Application Process

 Applications must be submitted no later than January 15th annually to The Army Cadet League of Canada on the application form below. Only on-line applications shall be accepted. Click here to access the electronic application form 

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